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SandBox.SandBoxSubModule Class Reference

Inherits TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.MBSubModuleBase.

Public Member Functions

override void OnCampaignStart (Game game, object starterObject)
 This function is called when a new game is created.
override void OnGameInitializationFinished (Game game)
override void RegisterSubModuleObjects (bool isSavedCampaign)
override void AfterRegisterSubModuleObjects (bool isSavedCampaign)
override void OnInitialState ()
 Triggered when state returns to initial state.
override void OnGameLoaded (Game game, object initializerObject)
 This function is called after game is created or loaded.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.MBSubModuleBase
virtual void OnConfigChanged ()
virtual void OnGameLoaded (Game game, object initializerObject)
 This function is called on new session start (i.e. new game start or load game).
virtual void OnNewGameCreated (Game game, object initializerObject)
virtual void BeginGameStart (Game game)
virtual void OnCampaignStart (Game game, object starterObject)
virtual void RegisterSubModuleObjects (bool isSavedCampaign)
virtual void AfterRegisterSubModuleObjects (bool isSavedCampaign)
virtual void OnMultiplayerGameStart (Game game, object starterObject)
virtual void OnGameInitializationFinished (Game game)
virtual void OnAfterGameInitializationFinished (Game game, object starterObject)
virtual bool DoLoading (Game game)
virtual void OnGameEnd (Game game)
virtual void OnMissionBehaviorInitialize (Mission mission)
virtual void OnBeforeMissionBehaviorInitialize (Mission mission)
virtual void OnInitialState ()
 Triggered when state returns to initial state.

Protected Member Functions

override void OnSubModuleLoad ()
 This is the function which is called first when application is started.
override void InitializeGameStarter (Game game, IGameStarter gameStarterObject)
 This is the function which is called first when game is started.
override void OnBeforeInitialModuleScreenSetAsRoot ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnSubModuleLoad()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.OnSubModuleLoad ( )

◆ InitializeGameStarter()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.InitializeGameStarter ( Game  game,
IGameStarter  gameStarterObject 

◆ OnCampaignStart()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.OnCampaignStart ( Game  game,
object  starterObject 

◆ OnGameInitializationFinished()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.OnGameInitializationFinished ( Game  game)

◆ RegisterSubModuleObjects()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.RegisterSubModuleObjects ( bool  isSavedCampaign)

◆ AfterRegisterSubModuleObjects()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.AfterRegisterSubModuleObjects ( bool  isSavedCampaign)

◆ OnInitialState()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.OnInitialState ( )

◆ OnGameLoaded()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.OnGameLoaded ( Game  game,
object  initializerObject 

◆ OnBeforeInitialModuleScreenSetAsRoot()

override void SandBox.SandBoxSubModule.OnBeforeInitialModuleScreenSetAsRoot ( )